Document management systems: 19 solutions in comparison

Nowadays, documents are processed digitally in companies. But the volume of digital data poses a major challenge for companies: They need to keep track of all information and documents. This is where document management systems come in. DMS offer companies the ability to retrieve, manage and store data easily and quickly. In our current market overview, we have compared 19 DMS solutions. Within 17 categories and 192 criteria, you will find all the information you need about DMS solutions. As always, you can download the summary in this article.

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Document Management Systems – what they can do

Companies are making their day-to-day operations increasingly digital. In the meantime, this has also affected the management of documents. File folders and fax machines have become outdated and, above all, are confusing. But digitization is also causing problems for companies. The huge amount of data and documents have to be managed somewhere. What used to be stacks of files are now countless folders on companies’ desktops. It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain an overview. Document management systems were developed precisely for these challenges.

DMS are software solutions that help companies manage their documents. They are used for digital archiving of documents and thus increase the workflow in companies. With DMS, documents can not only be recorded and managed, but also stored. Another advantage is that the DMS reduces the workload of employees immensely. The bureaucratic effort involved in archiving all documents is completely eliminated with DMS systems. The systems offer various functions for document management.

You can find out which functions the individual document management systems include, what costs are incurred when using them, and much more information in our current market overview. Our comparison takes into account a total of 19 different providers of DMS solutions and gives you comprehensive insights into their functionality.

Categories of the market overview Document Management Systems:

  • General information
  • Languages of the user interface of the solutions
  • Industry focus of the providers
  • Basic functions of the solutions
  • Application areas of the DMS
  • Data acquisition
  • Storage of data
  • Formats
  • Metadata
  • Interfaces to CMS Software
  • Interface to CRM & Sales Systems
  • Collaboration functions of the solutions
  • Newsletter integrations
  • Legal criteria
  • Additional services of the providers
  • Price approach of the solutions

We compared these document management systems: DMS

Behind the DMS solution is the eponymous GmbH based in Hamburg. The company has been in existence since 1996 and is primarily focused on medium-sized companies.


USP (according to their own statement): Web-based and REST API


The DMS solution Amagna from the company of the same name, Amagna GmbH, is based in Oldenburg. The product has been in existence since 2010 and the company says it employs more than 30 people. In total, the company has over 50 customers.


USP (according to their own statement): “With Amagno, you can find important information in seconds and collaborate with your team transparently, regardless of location. At the same time, the software is customizable and easy to use.”

References: EWE, Ashampoo, Cleverreach, SMEG, German Red Cross


The DMS solution COI-BusniessFlow belongs to COI GmbH with headquarters in Erlangen. There are 40 employees working there. The product has been available to companies since 1988. With 80 customers, the company has already achieved a turnover of 5 million euros in the past year.


USP (according to their own statement): “Flexible DMS, tailored to the challenges of each customer; high integrability through numerous interfaces; excellent performance even with large amounts of data.”

References: Siemens Healthineers, BAYER, Klosterfrau, Wasserwerke Sonneberg, Pflanzen Kölle

doxis intelligent content automation

The SER Group company provides the DMS solution Doxis Intelligent Content Automation. SER Group is headquartered in Bonn, Germany. The company’s solution has been in existence since 1984 and, according to its own information, employs 650 people. The company has a total of 2500 customers.


USP (according to their own statement): “SER’s Doxis Intelligent Content Automation (ICA) is the next generation in enterprise content management: an AI-powered platform, specifically designed to link and automate content, across leading applications such as SAP and Salesforce

References: DHL, Deutsche Bahn, DEVK, Helvetia Versicherungen, Kühne + Nagel


UNI-ELECTRONIC GmbH, headquartered in Dortmund, Germany, is behind the DMS P.2 solution, which has been marketed since 1982. Their main focus is on small and medium-sized companies.


USP (according to their own statement): “Easy-to-understand user interface, DMS and CRM in one database, DATEV interfaces, interfaces to wholesalers and tenderers, ZUGFeRD, X-invoice, apps.”

References: Numerous craft businesses throughout Germany


The document management system DMSmaxx belongs to OAS AG in Bremen and has been distributed since 1982. The company employs 250 people. Last year, the company recorded a turnover of 21.5 million euros with a total customer base of 80.


USP (according to their own statement): “Optimal adaptability to individual processes and systems.

References: Willenbrock, Bruns Plants, Roland Mills United


DocuWare GmbH, headquartered in Gemering, provides the DocuWare DMS solution of the same name. According to its own information, the company employs about 550 people and has more than 16000 customers. The DMS solution has been in existence since 1988 and is aimed primarily at medium-sized companies.


USP (according to their own statement): “DocuWare offers cloud-based document management and workflow automation software. This allows business documents to be digitized, archived in an audit-proof manner and processed in order to optimize the company’s core processes. The software solution is perfect for teams that work in different locations and want to achieve maximum productivity.”

References: papperts GmbH, EMOD Motoren GmbH, gepe Gebäudedienste PETERHOFF GmbH, Autohaus Schmitz + Zinke GmbH, Stanglmeier Touristik GmbH & Co. KG


Dokuneo Software GmbH from Mainaschaff has been selling the DMS solution of the same name, Dokuneo, since 2016. The company currently has ten employees and 100 customers. Their focus is on medium-sized and small companies.


USP (according to their own statement): “Dokuneo is always delivered fully equipped in the “Enterprise” version (thus investment security), low initial investment without long project lead time, modern and intuitive user interface.”

References: District Office Odenwaldkreis, City of Helmstedt, Stadtentwässerung Hildesheim, City of Eltville, Municipality of Scharbeutz


ecoDMS GmbH has been providing the ecoDMS solution of the same name to companies since 2014. The company is headquartered in Aachen, Germany and has a customer base of over 18000.


USP (according to their own statement): “Suitable for any size of company and affordable.”


Thax Software GmbH is a German company based in Berlin. Their solution, the Findentity system, has been distributed since 1998. Currently, the company employs ten people and has 1000 customers. Last year, Thax Software GmbH achieved sales of 1 million euros.


USP (according to their own statement): “flexible and industry-independent customizable; optional barcode & RFID; optional dig. Dictation & speech recognition”

References: Berlin Senate Chancellery, Emschergenossenschaft, Gemeindewerke Gilching, Justiz NRW, Wandscher & Partner Rechtsanwälte


humbee solutions GmbH has been providing the eponymous humbee system to companies since 2017. The solution is used by 150 customers. With a total of eight employees, the company focuses primarily on medium-sized and smaller companies.


USP (according to their own statement): “Powerful next-generation cloud DMS: humbee provides documents together with internal information, tasks and emails in a transactional context. With humbee you implement your individual processes in a few hours. Employees save valuable working time – customer service improves noticeably.”

References: HENK International GmbH, Bundesverband Möbelspedition und Logistik (AMÖ) e.V., Hartmann Medical GmbH, Hundrup Arbeitsbühnen-Vermietung GmbH & Co. KG, Seed2Soil GmbH & Co KG, Stadtwerke Neu-Isenburg

Kyocera Workflow Manager

The Kyocera Workflow Manager of the company Schlesinger GmbH has been on the market since 1997. The company is headquartered in Hamburg and employs a total of 25 people. The company has a customer base of 1000 people. Last year, the company achieved a turnover of 2.3 million euros.


USP (according to their own statement): “Modular design.”

Novaline Archivierung

The DMS solution Novaline Archvierung comes from Novaline Informationstechnologie GmbH from Rheine. Medium-sized and smaller companies have been able to use the solution since 1981. A total of 25 employees currently work at the GmbH. Semrush employs 1,000 people.


USP (according to their own statement): “Our archiving software is the GoBD-compliant, modular all-in-one solution for automatic, digital archiving of documents and all other company data in a central archive database. Archiv.Net thus takes on a central role for the immediate provision of information at every screen workstation in your company.”


ONLYOFFICE is a product of Ascensio System SIA. The company is based in Riga, London and Yereva. Currently the company has 200 employees. The solution has been provided since 2009. The company has been offering its software since 2013. Based in Ingolstadt, the company employs 70 people and has 500 customers.


USP (according to their own statement): “Advanced and Secure Office & Productivity Software / The most complete office suite / Designed to make collaboration seamless / Security first.”

References: IBE, TGI, CNKI, Calar Alto Observatory, Sea-Watch, SWITCH, Consortium GARR, Barcelona Supercomputing Center – Centro Nacional de Supercomputación, Space Research Department of the Centre for Energy Research (EK-UKL) in Budapest, Yamaha Motor Solutions in Xiamen, Projet Internet et Citoyenneté, Korczak-Haus Freiburg, Engineers without Borders,

Penneo Sign

The product Penneo Sign comes from the company Penneo with its headquarters in Copenhagen. The solution has been on the market since 1991. With its 100 employees, the company achieved a turnover of over 7 million euros last year. The DMS solution is aimed at large and medium-sized companies.


USP (according to their own statement): “Our solution allows customers to automate highly complex signing processes that involve multiple signers that need to sign the documents in a specific order. Penneo’s focus on compliance and security also sets us apart from our competitors.”

References: VGD, Beierholm, KPMG Denmark, Deloitte Denmark, Fineko


The PETRA solution belongs to the company IP Systeme, headquartered in Kirchzarten. The company has been offering its DMS since 1996. The company employs 80 people and has a total of 500 customers.


USP (according to their own statement): “The PETRA solution from IP Systeme digitizes, automatically recognizes and distributes all incoming analog or digital documents from all channels. Thus, we create a holistic approach to digitization. The same applies to consulting and project implementation.”

References: Volksbank Eifel eG, Schmidt Hausverwaltungen GmbH, Sparda-Bank München eG, Mercedes-Benz AG, Sparkasse Bayreuth


PostStream is a document management system from KGL (Kopier Gesellschaft mbH Leipzig) and has been available since 1990. The company’s main focus is on medium-sized and smaller companies.


USP (according to their own statement): “With our expertise, we accompany you in your digitization project in an efficient and targeted manner. In doing so, we work out the relevant processes and the connection of already existing software together with you. Intuitive operation and an understandable interface, as well as training and practical support, significantly facilitate the introduction of the system in your company.”

References: Budissa AG, Lüdecke GmbH, AWO, Stadtwerke Grimma, DÜVOS ENERGIE- und HAUSTECHNIK GMBH

qualido manager

The solution qualido Manager of the qualido GmbH of the same name has been providing companies with its DMS solution since 2005. Based in Aschau, the company employs 12 people and has 120 customers. Last year, the company was able to generate 1.5 million euros.


USP (according to their own statement): “Developed in practice by medical professionals and proven in everyday life, qualido manager is a comprehensive integrated management solution with different, interlocking software modules: Document Management, Continuing Education Management, Device Management, Incident Management, Audit Management and Contract Management.”

References: Bavarian Red Cross, Magna Mirrors, Klinikum der Universität München, AWO – Arbeiterwohlfahrt, Landratsamt Traunstein

Scopevisio Documents

Scopevisio AG provides the DMS solution Scopevisio Documents. With its headquarters in Bonn, the company currently employs less than 300 people. With 7500 customers the solution of the offerer is in use. In the past year the conversion was over 30 million euro.


USP (according to their own statement): “We help companies securely manage, share and archive documents by combining a state-of-the-art workflow management system with a cloud document management system. We enable compliance with all data protection (DSGVO) and retention (GoBD) obligations. In addition, we meet the strict C5 guidelines of the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security).”

References: IHK Bonn/Rhein-Sieg, GERMANIA Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbh, Opel Projektbau GmbH, APCOA PARKING Deutschland GmbH

Price approaches of the providers – these options are available

If you look at the pricing approaches of the providers, you will notice clear differences in terms of the price structure. In our market overview, for example, we asked the providers about the starting price per year. The result: The cheapest providers start at one euro per year. The most expensive provider, on the other hand, charges 250 euros per year for its DMS software. The monthly costs also differ between the systems. For most systems, however, the price depends on the product scope. Likewise, the costs for DMS solutions differ significantly in relation to the number of employees. The larger the company, the higher the price for the software solution. Here, companies should consider the cost savings from the DMS in relation to the product costs. Another striking feature is that not all document management systems are available as a free version.

Basic features: these are the features DMS solutions should offer

Before companies decide on document management systems, they should have gathered enough information about their basic functions. This is where the wheat is separated from the chaff. In our market overview, we addressed the question of whether the systems can be installed on the company’s own server or whether external support is required. In addition, we compared whether the DMS solutions offer mobile apps. Especially nowadays, mobile access is particularly important and an essential criteria for companies. Another factor that plays a role in the selection: the editing of documents. Is the data simply captured and managed, or can it also be subsequently adjusted? Here, the option of document editing was evident with all providers.

Industry-specific use of DMS

DMS systems are not equally represented in every industry. In our market overview, we took a closer look at where the main focus of the systems lies. Many of the providers in our comparison are represented in the information technology sector in particular. The B2B sector is another focus for almost all DMSs. There are also strengths in the retail sector. With the exception of a few providers, there is a clearer focus among the systems in this industry sector. The automotive sector is less strongly represented in the DMSs we compared. Although there are a few providers with expertise in this area, it is not the main focus of the systems.


The document management systems we have compared offer a suitable solution for any requirement. But how do companies decide on the right system? Ultimately, the choice of system depends on various factors and personal preferences. Depending on the industry, there are criteria that are more important for some companies than for others. The important thing is that the DMS must be considered in the overall context of the company. After all, it can only function smoothly if it fits in with the systems already in place. Our market overview gives you a comprehensive overview of the providers and their solutions.


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