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Market overview Customer Data Platforms 2023

Data silos are one of the biggest challenges for effective marketing. Personalized content requires an all-round understanding of the customer. To achieve this, data must be brought together and analyzed holistically. CDP software helps companies to achieve exactly that. But which CDP software is right for your company? We compared 17 customer data platform providers …

The American company Crownpeak has been on the market as a software provider since 2001. With the acquisition of e-Spirit in 2021, it was also able to establish themselves as a serious player in Europe. Two thirds of its revenue is now generated on the European market and Crownpeak is one of the leading DXP …

This is already the fourth edition of the Content Management Systems Market Overview. In 2018, we compared 12 solutions; in 2019, we compared 14; and in 2023, we compared 24 enterprise content management systems. These solutions are compared in 11 categories and on the basis of 120 criteria. This makes it much easier for you …

If companies want to survive in the highly competitive marketplace, efficient and smooth business management is essential. This is where enterprise resource planning systems come into play. ERPs optimize business processes, integrate departments, automate workflows and enable faster decision-making. In our current market overview, we compared 41 ERP solutions. Within 16 categories and 263 criteria, …

Files are needed for countless processes in companies. But the challenge is finding the files you need. Digital management systems – DAM systems for short – help companies to put an end to the file clutter and to centrally store, enrich and play out digital assets. In our market overview, we have compared 31 digital …

Nowadays, documents are processed digitally in companies. But the volume of digital data poses a major challenge for companies: They need to keep track of all information and documents. This is where document management systems come in. DMS offer companies the ability to retrieve, manage and store data easily and quickly. In our current market …