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The requirements for a shop system depend on the specific needs of the business model. One of the most important criteria of a shop system is, of course, the range of functions: What are the front-end and back-end features? What options do I have for product display? Is there an intelligent search, which SEO functions …

20 christmas greetings ideas for your customer

“Merry Christmas” and “We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” – these Christmas greetings are classic, but still quite plain and not very original. But especially at the end of the year, you should give your customers extra attention – for example, with small Christmas gifts. And above all with a …

online shop functions

Your own online store should provide customers with the best customer experience. To do this the underlying shop system needs a wide range of functions. We will show you which online store functions your shop system should cover so that you are well positioned for e-commerce now and in the future. For the frontend – …

what you should know about cms selection

Companies are increasingly communicating on a variety of channels. In addition to the website, social media platforms and – in e-commerce – online stores and marketplaces are becoming more important. Online communication often relies on content management systems (CMS). But how do you actually find the right CMS for your business? Which requirements should you … digital asset management definition and basics

Every company has countless digital assets at its disposal – in theory. Because it is often not so easy to find the right file for the respective project. The problem is that many digital assets are not stored centrally. Lengthy searches are inevitable. And that’s not all: Managing the media is also more difficult and …

BeReal chance or not

BeReal is currently a trending app. Downloads are increasing from month to month. But the download numbers themselves do not mean that BeReal is also used a lot. The time of use shows that downloads are high, but the daily use of the app is weaker. Is BeReal worthwhile as a new social media channel? …