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creating a case study: example

Case studies are a popular marketing tool for convincing potential customers of the company’s products and services. But success of a case study depends to a large extent on how informative it is. We provide you with tips on how to create a powerful case study. A case study makes it comparatively easy for companies …

At the end of the year, content planning for the coming year is on the agenda. But which topics are particularly relevant for marketers in 2023? And how can marketers specifically include them in their editorial plan? This article provides an overview of the most important content marketing trends in 2023.  Content Marketing Trends – …

AI in online shop whitepaper

Integrating artificial intelligence into business software promises greater efficiency and – in marketing – more accurate content. Especially in Product Information Management, AI can significantly relieve marketing teams. This is the case when AI is combined with a PIM system and, ideally, directly with a DAM system. We show you the potential AI has in …

content calender strategies

Creating relevant and interesting content remains a challenge – even in the coming year. An editorial plan template helps to define content for different channels over a longer period of time – and to adjust it early if necessary. But there are often gaps in the editorial plan. Filling them can cause resentment, because the …

5 conversational commerce tips at a glance

The concept of conversational commerce has gained importance in e-commerce. More and more customers are using chatbots to communicate with companies. But how do companies actually succeed in conversational commerce? We have compiled 5 conversational commerce tips for you. “Alexa – order me new toothbrush heads” – that’s how Jeff Bezos imagined the integration of …

What is a headless CMS?

More and more companies and administrators are choosing a headless CMS when selecting a suitable editorial or content management system. We explain what a headless CMS actually is and name the advantages and disadvantages of this “headless” CMS variant. The basic tasks of a content management system have actually hardly changed for years: Content production …