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market overview: content marketing tools 2022

After the great success of our 2018 market overview, we have also compared 2020 content marketing tools. New content marketing tool providers are ready for 2022, which we compare in our Content Marketing Tools Comparison Update. In the update of our market overview, we compared the various tools based on an extensive catalog of 227 …

all google search operators at a glance

Searching on Google for different information can quickly eat up considerable time resources. Especially if you want to produce interesting content, you have to consult different sources for your content, evaluate them and finally create the actual content. To reduce the research effort a bit, Google search operators can be a suitable tool. In this …

customer data platforms interfaces tips

Interfaces are an important part of a software solution. They transport important information and enable a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to consolidate and analyze data and, in this case, to gain a precise insight into the needs of its clients. But which Customer Data Platform tools are actually essential for a CDP to work as …

how to make a briefing - tips

When working in or with an agency, there is no way to avoid a briefing. Thats why most people know the definition of a briefing. However, what exactly is important for a briefing? Which actors are involved? What is the role of the company placing the order and what is the role of the agency …

In companies, the difference between generated leads and lead conversions is sometimes enormous, even where digital sales is the norm. But why is traditional lead buying not enough? And how can companies improve their lead conversion? The solution is a business enabling platform. In this whitepaper, we show you what a business enabling platform is …

Creating graphics for social media, your own blog or website – what used to take a lot of effort can now be done quicker with software tools. One of these tools is Canva. But what exactly is Canva? In this article, we will introduce you to the graphic tool in more detail and show you …