Magic words list: How to add power to your texts

Standing out from the crowd of (advertising) texts is not easy. But there are many magic words that can give your content power and make your texts more attractive. We have some copywriting tips for you and a comprehensive list of magic words that you can use to spice up your content. A “magic words list” for more text power.

What defines a good text? How do I attract customers and how do I convince them with my content? Especially the writing of articles poses challenges for many. It is important to stand out from the crowd with effective writing so that text-driven marketing measures are successful. Finding the right words is not always easy. Surely you often ask yourself which word you should use and Whether a different term might have a better effect on your target group – in an email or in a blog post. We have put together a series of tips and a list of terms that you can use to give your texts that certain something. It is worth checking your texts for duplicate content before you publish them on your website. This way you can make sure that your texts are unique.

Tips and tricks for an attractive text – magic words and phrases

1. Readers love stories

“Imagine…”: Imagination is one of the most important factors when writing texts for your own website, newsletter or social media posts. With figurative language and sophisticated storytelling, you can immerse (potential) customers in your text and convince them almost at the same time. Because the human brain does not like to think abstractly. Texts that describe complex issues in stories are not only more likely to be read, but also ensure better understanding. For example, tell the story of an unnamed customer and show potential new customers what he or she has achieved with your help. If you want to be a bit more open-minded, you can of course also create a case study. But how do I spin an attractive story if my offer is not an exciting long-distance trip or a fancy new product? How can I communicate the most complex products in such a way that my customer understands me and contacts me? When it comes to storytelling, there are a lot of things to keep in mind, especially in the B2B sector.

2. Personal address generates appreciation

They are just two little words, the “you” or the name of your customer. But they have a decisive effect. Addressing them personally shows appreciation. Your (potential) customers feel addressed and in good hands. You may already have noticed this in the text. This strengthens sympathy for your company – and not least leads to greater success in marketing measures.

Words always have a certain effect. The right choice of words helps to reach (potential) customers better.

3. The value and benefit is in the foreground

Customers want a benefit or a value. Therefore, emphasize this specifically by including these two terms in your texts. Here is an example: “Our product is of double benefit to you: You can…”. But don’t use these two words too often. Instead, it is a good idea to resort to naming benefits and reasons.

4. Advantages and reasons help in the decision

The magic word here is “because”. Customers want to be convinced and are always looking for a reason for an action (or a purchase). The word “because” provides the reason and thus satisfies a fundamental need of us human beings. We are given the reason to do something. By the way, there was an experiment on the effect of the word “because” by Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer back in 1997. The astonishing finding: What was behind the “because” is not that important. Just the use of these seven letters is enough to convince better. Here you can find the study. You can also highlight advantages with a few magic words – or magic phrases. It is up to you to decide how you want to use them. However, the most important words you should consider are:

improveWith a PIM system you improve the quality of your product information on all relevant channels.
helpDo you know the content marketing process? It helps you plan your content for the long term.
saveWith a PIM system you save time for the playout and update of product information.
increaseMarketing Automation increases the efficiency of your marketing activities.
optimizeUse content curation to optimize shared content.
meanMarketing automation means less effort for your marketing activities.
giveSocial listening gives you the advantage of quickly identifying current and relevant topics of your target groups.

You can also show your customers that you want to prevent them from making mistakes by using the word “avoid” – “To avoid…”. Other terms you can use to show your (potential) customers that they will benefit are:

reliableThese tips will reliably help you drive your business forward.
provenUse proven content management systems like … to manage your content smoothly.
practicalThe practical market overview “PR agencies” helps you find the right communications partner.
effectiveWith our article, you will find effective words to give your texts more power.
testedOur product … has been tested and recommended several times.

5. The power of choice

Here again, psychology comes into play. People like to be offered alternatives in their decision making: “What would you rather have? An all-in-one solution or are you looking more for a customizable technology stack?”. While it is said that if you have a choice, you’ll be spoiled for choice, but choice is a key selling factor in giving (potential) customers the feeling that “we listen to you and put your needs first”. The magic words are therefore joined by the “or”.

6. Emotions: Putting rationality in the background

Generating emotions is just as important as serving rationality. Emotional words are grasped more quickly than neutral terms and also remain in the memory for a longer time. Texts that use words such as “pleased,” “gladly,” “pleasant,” “friendly” and similar are automatically perceived better and internalized more by the reader than neutrally written content. In addition, aroused emotions often push rationality somewhat into the background. A decision can sometimes be made more quickly when emotions are involved. Think of impulsive buys. They are the best example of emotional decisions. Here we have a selection of emotional words for your texts:

pleasantThe pleasantly scented perfume is the ideal gift.
impressiveImpressive results have already been achieved with our solution.
enthusiasticOur customers are enthusiastic about … .
touchedAt the beginning of the event, … a speech that touched many participants.
especiallyEspecially marketing automation helps you to carry out your marketing activities particularly efficiently.
admirableThe results were admirable.
thankful/gratefullyOur customers gratefully use the new service … .
thanksWe say thank you to all our customers.
delighted/pleasedWe are pleased to introduce to you today our new product …
movingThe speech was moving.
relievedMany of our customers are relieved to finally have a solution for X.
encourageOur products encourage customers to try out new things.
fascinatingThe new features offer you fascinating possibilities.
friendlyOur restaurant offers you a friendly atmosphere for any celebration.
happyCelebrating means being happy – with our … you provide for the perfect party.
honoredWe are honored to be recognized as … to have been awarded.
gladlyWe will gladly help you with any questions and offer you individual advice.
be happyTo be happy – that’s what everyone wants.
greatThe event was a great success and received great feedback.
wellOur solutions are well and broadly positioned with regard to upcoming requirements.
harmoniouslyThe individual components of the system landscape work together harmoniously.
cheerfulA cheerful evening among friends – that’s how you balance out the daily grind.
yesSay yes! to the new … .
naturalOur products are natural and sustainable.
excellentA great solution for those who want to offer their customers excellent service even in stormy times.
of courseOf course, we advise you individually and offer you a solution that suits you.
proudRejoice as the proud owner of a new home!
overwhelmingRead for yourself from our customers how we have achieved overwhelming results together.
perfectlyThe solution … fits perfectly into existing system landscapes.
wonderfulA wonderful idea to … to celebrate.
satisfiedSatisfied customers are our top priority.7. Druck aufbauen – aber gemäßigt.

7. Build up pressure – but moderately

Magic words consist of terms that build up a little pressure. These include, for example, “only”, “immediately” and “now”. They create speed in your text. This is because they shorten the linguistic offer and awaken the “hunting instinct” in readers. The reader is told that there is a high demand and a short supply, so that the advertised product seems desirable. Use words like “today” or “exclusively” in contact with your customers to increase the pressure to act. Such terms are not least well suited to texting call-to-actions correctly. However, always use such words carefully and not in an inflationary manner. Otherwise, your text can have exactly the opposite effect: it will make readers feel uncomfortably pushed into a corner – and nobody likes that feeling. We have listed here which magic words are suitable for building up just a little bit of pressure:

exclusivelyThe offer is valid exclusively from … to … .
onlyGet the only copy available for you now.
uniqueOur unique solution is only available for a short time at a special price.
nowBook your access to the free webinar now.
order todayOrder today at the special price.
of onlyReceive one of only … copies.
todaySecure your personal competitive advantages today.
untilThe offer is valid only until … .
immediatelyWe will deliver your product/copy to you immediately.
quickThe quicker the better: take your chance on … .
as of nowAs of now, the offer is only valid for newsletter subscribers.
promptlyWe will call you back promptly.
instantlyWith us you will instantly get your access to …

8. Curiosity is in every person

Curiosity is an important decision driver. It forms a special part of emotions that can be favored by a text. The magic word or words that generate curiosity hold a promise for readers, who want to get to the bottom of it. For example, use words like “simple”, “amazing”, “incredible”, “exciting” or “secret” create arcs of tension in the text. It is even best to use such terms in the text introduction. This way you bring momentum into your text and encourage your readers to read on. These magic words create curiosity, for example:

breathtakingThe start-up has a breathtaking success story.
sophisticatedA sophisticated system of complementary components helps you perfect the customer journey.
exeptionallyThe development of … started exceptionally: A small team …
remarkablyIn a remarkably short time, we jointly built a system landscape that …
simpleThe solution is not only comprehensive, but also simple.
recipe for successThe recipe for success for good content is: analyze, research, write attractive and SEO-friendly texts.
secret to successOur secret to success for … is … .
surprisinglyEmployees successfully used the new tool surprisingly quickly for …
exclusiveWith an exclusive event, … introduced its new product.
excellentOur excellent service has already delighted many customers.
fabulous… is a fabulous gift for … . But why actually?
fantasticWe have fantastic ideas for you to spice up your content.
secretTop secret and only for you: Our tips for … .
mysteriousWhat mysterious product is hidden behind our announcement, you can find out here.
secret recipeWe share with you our secret recipe for attractive texts.
grandioseHow do you make your celebration grandiose? We have put together some tips for you.
limitlessThe possibilities with a headless solution are almost limitless.
perfectWe were able to ensure a perfect implementation quite easily.
rapidlyAfter the sales launch of …, the order volume increased rapidly.
rareA rare solution for … is … . But it can be seen: …
sensationalOur product … got off to a sensational sales start.
excitingWe provide you with exciting insights on the topic of B2B marketing.
spectacularThe growth of … is spectacular: within …
top classWe have chosen to develop a top class system that can be adapted to all needs.
speechlessThe positive feedback from our customers leaves us speechless.
noticeableThe shift of retail to e-commerce is noticeable. Retailers have … .
actuallyWith a marketing automation solution, the efficiency of marketing activities has actually improved noticeably.
surprisingThe feedback was surprising.
overwhelmingThe number of customer inquiries is overwhelming and shows us: Our services are needed!
ultimateAn ultimate way to achieve … is … .
definitelyOne aspect should definitely be considered in content creation: …
unbelievableThe story of … is unbelievable – but true.
inimitableLike no other: What … has achieved is simply inimitable.
unforgettableThe opening ceremony was an unforgettable event. We have summarized some impressions for you.
incomparableThe success story of … is incomparable.
irresistible“Irresistible” – This is how our customers describe the new product.
amazingThe result of … is amazing. 90 percent of customers have doubled their leads.
temptingThe offer is tempting not only for … but also for … .
importantThese 10 aspects are important to make your website home page a complete success.
reallyWhat really counts in SEO texts, we explain to you in this post.

9. Security – a primal need

You certainly want to gain the trust of your (potential) customers. For this, there are magic words as well that will help you take a small leap of faith. These include words like “reliability”, “guarantee” and “recommendation”. But also words like “precious”, “ideal”, “first-class” or “excellent” give your readers a sense of security regarding the advertised products and services. For example, combine safety-related words with real-life stories to authentically present the benefits of your product or service to your readers. Last but not least, you will improve the perception of your brands. Here we provide you with an overview of magic words that give security and help you to gain trust:

currentlyAs figures currently show, sales via online channels are one of the most important revenue drivers.
awardedThe product …/ the service of … have been awarded several times by …
certifiesWith the award … certifies … an excellent service.
evidenceConsumer behavior has changed significantly as a result of the pandemic. The study … cites one piece of evidence: …
recommendable90 percent of customers consider … to be recommendable.
recommendationOn the recommendation of … , …  decided in favor of …
resultThe result of … was convincing: Our customer was able to increase the efficiency of its processes by … percent.
testedThe product … has already been tested several times.
first-classFirst-class service comes first – so you get what you want.
warrantyThe manufacturer provides an extended warranty of …
idealOur solution is ideal for …
clearlyWe communicate transparently and clearly.
upper classThe service/product belongs to upper class in the field of …
preciousMagic words are precious helpers for attractive texts.
solutionThe solution for … is …
positiveCustomer feedback is consistently positive.
practical10 practical tips for … .
practical useOur case studies show you the practical use of our solution.
professionalA professional approach is the basic framework of our services.
qualityWe pay attention to quality and ensure it through ….
referencesOur references speak for themselves. Read more here.
very goodGrade “very good” – this certifies … .
securesThe solution … is easy to implement and secures your data multiple times.
securityThe tool ensures security at the highest level.
confidentlyIn the project, the development team worked confidently and hand-in-hand with …
testingAfter extensive testing, … came to the conclusion that …
reliableYou get a reliable communications partner for your PR work.
promiseOur promise to you: …
valuableValuable tips for attractive texts include magic words, but also personal address.
effective… is effective against …
reliablyThe system components work reliably and independently of each other, so that …

Use power words in a targeted way

So-called power words create an additional stimulus. They strengthen statements of the text and give it more expression. Power words include adjectives such as “amazing”, “surprising” and “important”. You will also find many power words in the sections listed above, as they can sometimes have special effects and guide a text or a section of text in a certain direction. As with all words, don’t use these adjectives too often, but only when they really fit (here you can see another power word). We have compiled a list of power words – excluding those already covered in the other sections – for you here:

irresistibleAttractive and irresistible: the new perfume from …
attractiveThis is how you write attractive texts.
desirableWith the right image, your product looks twice as desirable.
inspiringWe have 10 inspiring ideas for … .
enchantingIt’s so easy to turn your garden into an enchanting wellness oasis.
uniqueThis is a unique opportunity to … .
elegantAn elegant dress for festive occasions.
successful10 tips for successful marketing measures.
excellentOur customers receive excellent all-round service.
fascinatingWith various home accessories you set fascinating highlights.
outstandingWriting outstanding texts requires creativity and the right tools – like magic words.
impressiveAn impressive masterpiece: the new album …
inspiringInspiring recipe ideas for the next birthday.
powerfulPowerful words bring pep into your texts.
passionateWe are passionate about helping you drive your business forward.
thrillingA thrilling film for the whole family.
optimalThis is how you create an optimal home office environment.
award winningOur award winning product … .
charmingYou set charming accents with …
impeccableThe impeccable suit is a testament to elegance and style.
dreamYou want to book a dream vacation trip? Let yourself be inspired by our offer.

Magic words list: Magic words are not the only important thing

Of course, magic words and phrases help you write more attractive texts. However, they are not everything you should consider when creating content. Paying attention to SEO aspects is equally essential. After all, your content should be found online by (potential) customers. Creating content with suitable SEO texts requires some adjustments in writing style.

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