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Christmas Customer gifts – the search volume of this keyword traditionally increases significantly at the beginning of the third quarter. Why? Because Customer gifts at Christmas must be planned for the long term.  A loveless gift or purely promotional items are not enough. To support you and your company, we identified the latest trends on …

It is the flagship of every Internet presence: the homepage. All in all, it must perform several functions and ensure that you are different from the competition. Designing the homepage is therefore one of the most important tasks when you create a web presence. But what should you pay attention to? What belongs on the …

Various effects are attributed to colors. In marketing, they take on a special significance. The right choice of color is crucial. But how does the effect of colors in marketing turn out? We provide you with an overview on the topic of color psychology marketing and show you the different effects of colors. In addition, …

User reviews play a major role for many people when making purchasing decisions. That’s why reviews are highly relevant for companies. But how can such reviews be organized systematically? We’ve looked at real-world examples, identified strategic guardrails, and taken a look at available software solutions. You can download the whitepaper further down in the article. …

Smileys, emojis and emoticons images are inevitable in the age of digital conversation. But how do you use these characters in a targeted way? Which emojis are there anyway? How can they be categorized? And what is actually the difference between emojis and emoticons? The following article shows emojis that can be used and copied …

The Content Briefing: Structure and Content for Content Creators

There are many briefings. One of the most important briefings is the content briefing for content creators. What a content briefing should look like – what structure and content it should contain – can vary considerably. We therefore asked ourselves: What should not be missing in a content briefing? In this article, you will get …