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online shop concept: what should be included

The online store is the digital flagship of every e-commerce company. And in the meantime, it has also become of immense importance for stationary retailers. Especially during the pandemic, many retailers have realized how important the digital channel is for their business. However, today’s online store is about much more than just listed products and …

examples for call to action buttons

Call-to-action buttons are lead drivers in marketing – if they are well chosen and correctly placed. Especially during peak season in e-commerce, call-to-action buttons in marketing can increase conversion rates. But choosing the best CTAs is a challenge and the freestyle of every marketing team. But what should you look for in call-to-action buttons? And …

examples for out of office mails

At Christmas time, the last vacation of the year usually arrives. And as with summer vacations (or absences in general), the question of the right absentee note for Christmas pops up. For the holiday, it can be a little more festive. We’ve put together ten out of office note ideas for the holidays for you.  …

content marketing tools costs

Content marketing suites offer marketing teams, external agencies and freelancers a common work platform and are a central component of the content technology stack in the company. Traditionally, content marketing tools are characterized by a high level of functionality. And that can be pricy. But how much do they actually cost? We asked 15 providers …

what is discovery commerce

Social commerce is an enduring trend in marketing and e-commerce. But discovery commerce is even more important than searching for and recommending products via social media channels. It turns the interaction axis between customers and brands by 180 degrees. In this article, you will learn what exactly discovery commerce is, what advantages it has, and …

free images and data bases

Everyday situations for content managers: You’ve written a great blog post, but still need the right cover image. Maybe you’re looking for the right visual for a social media post, but can’t create the photo yourself. Or you want to quickly spruce up a new landing page with an image. It’s not always worth buying …