Expert opinions: The most important shop system trends

Online retail is in a constant state of flux. That’s why we asked e-commerce experts what the most important shop system trends are.

If you want to be successful in online retailing, you not only need the right idea, assertiveness and sales talent. If you don’t also have the right shop software, you will quickly reach your limits. Customer requirements are constantly changing and are more individual than ever. In addition, there are constantly new technological developments that change online shopping. Whether you are an e-commerce newcomer or an established player, it is worthwhile to constantly re-evaluate your own shop system. That’s why we asked e-commerce experts what the most important trends in the shop system market will be in the near future. So that you know what to look out for when choosing software. We also recommend taking a look at our new shop system comparison, in which we have compared 13 providers:

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 These are the most important shop system trends according to our experts

Quelle: COSMO Shop

Silvan Dolezalek, CEO CosmoShop GmbH

“The market is currently shaping itself in several perceptible directions. On the one hand, the interface is becoming much more reduced and thus easier to use. On the other hand, the underlying software is also becoming much more complex. As an example, the API-first-approach or the use of React/SASS.”



Thomas Lisson, CEO JTL

“The boundaries between the “online and offline” retail worlds are becoming increasingly blurred: Click&Collect, Click&Reserve or cross-distribution-channel vouchers and returns are not yet standard, but they are becoming more and more a matter of course for retailers and customers. The shop software of the future must be able to meet these requirements for a changing shopping experience.

We also see a lot of potential in the area of real-time shipping information in the next few years: online shops will automatically provide customers with information on all stages of their package.”



Hagen Meischner, Partner Manager Lead at Shopify

“There is no longer a shop software market as such. Companies that want to sell products are looking for a commerce platform that serves all touch points where customers move: Desktop, mobile app, brick-and-mortar shop, social media, marketplace or any transactional website. And not just for corporations, but already at double-digit monthly costs.

Furthermore, there must be no technical barriers to entry, but commerce solutions must be as easy to use as your own preferred social media app.”


Quelle: Kosmonaut

Stephan Engau, CEO Kosmonaut GmbH & Co. KG

“The democratization of shop development has taken away the fear of e-commerce as a barrier to entry. Thanks to providers like Shopify, more and more brands and individuals are trying their hand at online retail. Providers of click & sell solutions will therefore become increasingly important. Micro-transactions and contactless payments are also shifting the online shopping experience to every conceivable life situation.

The vision of ubiquitous commerce has now become reality: The product itself becomes the shop. Thanks to Spryker, Commercetools & Co., not only the infrastructure but also the appropriate software architecture is now available. Shop software will probably continue to develop in this direction.

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