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What is a headless CMS?

More and more companies and administrators are choosing a headless CMS when selecting a suitable editorial or content management system. We explain what a headless CMS actually is and name the advantages and disadvantages of this “headless” CMS variant. The basic tasks of a content management system have actually hardly changed for years: Content production …

what is discovery commerce

Social commerce is an enduring trend in marketing and e-commerce. But discovery commerce is even more important than searching for and recommending products via social media channels. It turns the interaction axis between customers and brands by 180 degrees. In this article, you will learn what exactly discovery commerce is, what advantages it has, and … digital asset management definition and basics

Every company has countless digital assets at its disposal – in theory. Because it is often not so easy to find the right file for the respective project. The problem is that many digital assets are not stored centrally. Lengthy searches are inevitable. And that’s not all: Managing the media is also more difficult and …