PIM systems: What should PIM software cost?

A PIM system must have access to all relevant product information in the company. Due to its immense task, PIM software must therefore be carefully and deeply integrated. But what should PIM software cost? We have looked at the PIM software costs from our market overview PIM solutions in this article for you. A detailed overview of the pricing models is available for download.

The importance of centralised management of product information is gaining momentum due to increasing e-commerce channels. According to the definition of PIM systems, they have to meet high requirements and consolidate, structure, enrich and translate product data from different systems as needed. An open source solution reaches its limits here depending on the catalogue of requirements. At the latest, when a product information management system no longer meets these requirements, it is time to switch to an enterprise solution. In our market overview of PIM solutions we have compared 16 PIM systems for you. The individual systems differ in terms of performance, industry expertise, interface coverage and other features. Pricing varies from provider to provider. But what do PIM software costs depend on and what does a PIM system cost?

Ongoing PIM Software Costs

Let us say in advance: In many cases enterprise software from PIM system providers can be tested free of charge. In our market overview, half of the providers offer you this option. Apart from the free trial, pricing varies widely. The monthly costs range from 149 euros to 10,000 euros. Some providers explicitly state that the expenses for their PIM software are individual. The costs depend on the following factors, for example:

  • Number of users
  • Number of modules
  • Number of interfaces and channels
  • Number of articles
  • Amount of storage space required
  • Functions
  • Complexity of the requirements

As different as the monthly costs are, so are the minimum contract periods. While some solutions have no minimum contract term, others have up to 36 months. Furthermore, the cost of the solution also varies depending on the SKUs of the company, because for a different number of SKUs, different software solutions make more sense than others.

Other costs for product data management

Those who choose enterprise software for their PIM system should consider the expense of implementation. Most PIM software vendors offer implementation services, although costs vary widely here as well. For two providers, the scope of the project in the company is decisive for the costs incurred for the connection. In general, the average for PIM software manufacturers who name concrete costs is around 34,000 euros. One provider stands out: with this provider, the company can also carry out the implementation itself or have it carried out by a solution integrator as an external partner. In addition to the implementation, there may be maintenance costs, hosting fees and additional expenses for individual adjustments.

But how long does the connection take? After all, companies want to use their Product Information Management System as quickly as possible. Setting up the system generally takes longer because it has to be deeply integrated into the IT structures. In the fastest case, you can manage your data via the PIM system with a provider after only two days. On average, the waiting time is about four and a half months. Most PIM software providers give a time span that varies with the scope of the project. Read more about selecting PIM software and implementing a PIM system in our whitepaper “Product Information Management – Guide to PIM Software”.

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