Content Hub – What is that really?

The fact that content marketing is a great thing is no secret to many companies. So they are busy producing, writing, designing and shooting. Over time, veritable mountains of content are created. It’s easy to lose track of it all. Companies therefore need a solution to collect and manage their content. What can help here is a content hub.

The Content Hub is a collection point for a company’s content. At the same time, the hub also provides tools for project management and content creation. It is the central administration point for all content marketing needs. As a result, it also enables true omnichannel interaction and maximizes customer engagement. This is because it unifies the message across all customer touchpoints and leverages the potential of each channel.

Three key components

This flexibility is made possible by the fact that the Content Hub consists of three central elements: “Digital Asset Management” (DAM), “Product Content Management” (PCM), and “Marketing Resource Management” (MRM).

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

The DAM is the central point where marketers find all their content. We all know the situation: a Word document on a laptop, photos on a memory card, videos on a hard drive – many content pieces are spread across different storage media. If you urgently need that one photo from 2015, the search is time-consuming. This is where the DAM comes into play.

It serves as a content store that the entire team can access, manage and share. This is a fundamental benefit, but a DAM can offer much more. Complex metadata can be created, data can be better secured, and digital rights management (DRM) can be organized.

Product Content Management (PCM)

Another component of the Content Hub is ProductContentManagement (PCM). This is where all product-related information is stored. This is an indispensable feature, especially for product-oriented companies, because all assets – whether content, images, videos, or documents – are assigned to the product family and the products. This makes it much easier to find assets for specific products. The PCM also focuses on the product’s customer-centric information, such as trade names or product benefits. But also information important for content marketing, such as the translated content for the individual product and the media associated with the product.

Marketing Resource Management (MRM)

However, the Content Hub does not only offer functions for content management. The processes around this management can also be organized here. Starting with strategic planning, through project management to the measurement of measures. Marketers can create project calendars here, for example, or release individual pieces of content. Likewise, there are performance dashboards here that can be used to track and measure individual campaigns and content.

Content meets collaboration

The interaction of DigitalAssetManagement, ProductContentManagement and MarketingResourceManagement makes the Content Hub an essential tool for marketers. The simultaneous management of content in conjunction with the project management tools simplify and bundle the daily work processes. All assets are collected in the Content Hub, thus streamlining processes. In addition, existing content can be enriched and new content can be created. Especially in times when marketing departments are under pressure to become better organized, a content hub such as Sitecore Content Hub is a very helpful tool.

After all, marketing teams are made up of different types: The structured project manager often meets a creative team that thrives on spontaneous inspiration. This combination is often compounded by factors such as high time pressure and new expectations. The Content Hub helps to bring creative and marketing processes together here. Tools such as dashboards, calendars and to-do lists are essential for this. At the same time, KPI measurements can provide valuable input for content creation. And since content is created and managed in the same system, everything is linked. So you never lose sight of goals and content.

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