These channels are best used by performance marketing agencies

Performance marketing is an ideal complement to sales and is becoming increasingly popular. Those who rely on a performance marketing agency should take a close look at whether it can also serve all channels that are to be included in the desired mix. For example, 93% are familiar with Google Ads, but only 2/3 can support LinkedIn Ads. In this article, you will learn which agency is suitable for which channels or even specializes in them.

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The market overview of performance marketing agencies

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Performance marketing is complex

Every company has its own individual media and ad mix. This enables the communication and marketing measures to reach the target group with as little wastage as possible. Determining as precisely as possible which channels should be used is the basis of every marketing and lead strategy. This also applies to the area of performance marketing. Where is the investment in advertising worthwhile, where is the greatest leverage and conversion? How good is the lead quality and what does the lead ultimately cost? These parameters not only need to be known, but also weighed up when deciding to invest in a particular channel, as well as during continuous evaluation.

Channels of the performance marketing agencies

The different requirements for ad formats, the tips & tricks per channel as well as the continuous A/B testing makes performance marketing complex. The time and effort required to keep knowledge up to date per channel is also significant. Most companies therefore rely on the support of performance marketing agencies. When selecting a suitable partner, however, it is not only the agency’s pricing model that matters, or how creative and technically skilled the minds are that are brought in for support. Rather, the selection should also take into account whether the agency can actually serve the channels and sub-disciplines that the company has identified as suitable. Of course, not all agencies can serve every channel, let alone are specialists for all of them. This is also shown in the table below. Here, based on the market overview of performance marketing agencies, we have compiled how many agencies can basically cover the respective channel. In addition, the providers were able to name three focal points.

 coverage by agencies (in percent)
Google Ads/Google Displayoverall 93%
67% have one of their focal points here
Retargeting (as a general discipline)overall 100%
40% have one of their focal points here
Facebook/Instagram Advertisingoverall 93%
73% have one of their main focuses here
Linkedin Advertisingoverall 67%
20% have their main focuses here
TikTok Adsoverall 67%
no agency sees their focus here
Pinterest Adsoverall 67%
20% have one of their main focuses here
Taboolaoverall 33%
one agency has one if its main focuses here
overall, no agency sees their focus here
Outbrainoverall 27%
no agency sees its focus here
External Newslettersoverall 40%
one agency sees its focus here
Affiliat Marketing platformsoverall 27%
no agency sees its focus here
Offline (mail,radio,TV)overall 13%
no agency sees its focus here

In addition to this listing, the performance marketing agencies surveyed may occasionally serve other channels and platforms. These are, for example, Snapchat, Twitter Ads, Xing (also the Talent Manager), Amazon, Twitch and Microsoft Advertising.

Conclusion: First the strategy, then the agency selection

Performance marketing requires expertise experience and time. Using a performance agency makes sense to get the best results. But by no means every agency can cover all channels. That’s why marketers should already have an idea of which channels they want to invest their budget in before hiring an agency.

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