Whitepaper: How does review management work?

User reviews play a major role for many people when making purchasing decisions. That’s why reviews are highly relevant for companies. But how can such reviews be organized systematically? We’ve looked at real-world examples, identified strategic guardrails, and taken a look at available software solutions. You can download the whitepaper further down in the article.

Do you also research the product reviews of other buyers before you make a purchase? Many customers write a review after buying a product. To do this, they can post reviews directly in the online store, use online marketplaces such as Amazon and Target, or express their opinions with star ratings. Entire reviews can also be written on these and other publicly available online media. It is important for a company to monitor these reviews and organize them in a further review management process.

Definition: What is the difference between review monitoring and review management?

Review monitoring is the systematic collection and analysis of customer reviews on the various platforms and forms the basis for review management. The data collected in the monitoring process can then be used to derive and implement recommendations for action.

Customer reviews are often the decisive basis for new customers to buy or decide against a product. Because reviews can have such a big impact, it’s important for companies to keep an eye on them. Is there criticism that is voiced by several people, for example? In such cases, you should look into the accusations and innuendos and see if you can change processes or other factors to increase customer satisfaction. A comparison with the competition can also help in the review management process to check how successful your own company is and where there is room for improvement.

Download Whitepaper “Managing product reviews properly”.

Do you receive customer ratings and reviews on various platforms and wonder how you can manage them systematically? In our whitepaper, we show the way to monitor your customers reviews and integrate them into your organization. Download the whitepaper here:

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Review Management Process

In the following, we will go into more detail about the review management process and explain the possible actions.

  • Call to Action!
    Encourage your customers to leave reviews. When companies have many reputable reviews, it builds trust for new customers and improves the company’s reputation.
  • Respond to reviews
    Respond to reviews and ratings, especially when users ask questions. Be careful not to respond only to the positive reviews and show your customers that you also take negative criticism seriously and take action if necessary.
  • Communicating the company’s brand identity and message
    An important part of review management is to communicate a consistent brand identity to the audience. This way, your customers know what makes you different and can trust you more easily.
  • Contact the person in charge
    In the case of serious complaints from customers, you should identify the responsible colleague internally as quickly as possible and forward the evaluation. Perhaps the same complaints occur more frequently with a product – in such cases, they must be followed up.
  • Examine patterns and use for additional locations
    Do you have multiple locations of your company? If so, you can check Review Management to see if the ratings for the different locations vary greatly. You may be able to use identified patterns positively for other locations.
  • Highlight positive reviews
    Use positive reviews about your company and your products. There are many ways to highlight them, for example, on social media or on your own website. You can convince new visitors and users more about you.
  • Holistic integration of customer feedback
    Are you already working with NPS as customer feedback? Integrate the information from the review data pool into your existing business intelligence structure to achieve 360 degree customer understanding.


Reviews are an important part of the business and systematic monitoring and management of them is worthwhile in any case. There are various aspects that need to be considered in a review management. You can find more information about review monitoring and review management in our whitepaper. We offer insights into strategic anchoring, cost factors and show an excursus on possible monitoring tools. Enjoy reading!

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