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The content management system (CMS) is at the heart of content distribution. When selecting a suitable solution, care should be taken accordingly. This also applies to the selection of a suitable service provider for the implementation. We will show you who specializes in which system for CMS implementation.

Anyone who decides in favor of a CMS should be aware that this decision will not retain its validity for all eternity. This is because the strengths and weaknesses of the individual solutions – regardless of whether open source or enterprise – come to the fore to different degrees depending on the individual catalog of requirements. It depends very much on the task at hand which solution is the best for the individual application area. However, it is often the case that the CMS that was once the best choice can no longer optimally keep up with the changes within a marketing strategy. Then the search for a new CMS starts. Especially with enterprise CMS, this usually goes hand in hand with the selection of a suitable implementation partner.

CMS or implementation partner: which comes first?

Ultimately, the search for the tandem CMS and service provider for implementation is a classic “chicken-one” problem: Do you look for a new CMS together with the service provider you trust? Or do you first select the right CMS and then look for a partner who specializes in this solution? You should consider both approaches for yourself. If you already rely on a service provider for the existing CMS, you should check how it looks like with the competences and experiences regarding other CMS solutions. Otherwise, you will only ever be recommended the solutions that your service provider is familiar with.

Who is a specialist for which CMS?

In our market overview of CMS implementers, we presented 32 service providers. We compared them with each other on the basis of over 100 criteria. In doing so, we also worked out which service provider is particularly familiar with which CMS or even sees its main focus. We distinguished between open source solutions and enterprise CMS. This article focuses on the implementation of the following enterprise CMS:

  • Censhare
  • Contentstack
  • CoreMedia
  • Episerver
  • eZ
  • FirstSpirit
  • InterRed
  • Liferay
  • Magnolia
  • Pirobase
  • Sitecore
  • Sitefinity

In addition, the service providers were able to name other enterprise CMSs with which they have experience. We also made a qualitative distinction: Implementers could choose between three statements:

  • No experience
  • This is part of our service offering
  • This is a focus of our work 

Significant differences in the distribution of solutions

There are clear differences in the coverage of the individual CMSs by the service providers. For some solutions, only two of them have indicated that they offer any implementation at all. Of course, this can have different reasons: on the one hand, not every CMS solution has been available on the market for the same length of time, so that the service providers could not always have already come into contact with every CMS to the same extent. On the other hand, there is of course a varying degree of distribution of CMS solutions – both top dogs and specialists in the niche for a particular industry.

The CMSs that most service providers implement are FirstSpirit, Sitecore and Magnolia. Of 32 service providers, 17 can help you competently with FirstSpirit. 6 of them even see this as their main focus. A Sitecore integration is supported by 13 implementers, 5 of whom focus on this CMS. For Magnolia, you can count on 11 partners among the 32 implementers compared in the market overview. One of them states that it sees Magnolia as its focus.

Find our comparison of enterprise content management systems here as well.

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