Ideas for Christmas greetings – 20 examples

20 christmas greetings ideas for your customer

“Merry Christmas” and “We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” – these Christmas greetings are classic, but still quite plain and not very original. But especially at the end of the year, you should give your customers extra attention – for example, with small Christmas gifts. And above all with a nice greeting. But what should the Christmas greeting be? We’ve put together 20 ideas for Christmas greeting for your customers and added a few Christmas greeting tips on top.

First consideration: Short, with New Year’s wishes, themed, or rhyming.

Before the Christmas greetings ideas can even be collected, you should consider in advance with your (marketing) team if the greeting at Christmas time should be short, rather longer, classic with New Year’s wishes or perhaps completely away from the “usual”. Especially in a business context, greetings at Christmas are often more reserved. At least in some companies. Especially companies from the creative sector like to surprise with very creative Christmas cards and greetings at Christmas time. For example, by choosing a greeting with a thematic reference to the main focus of the company. Or even if the Christmas card simultaneously becomes a Spotify playlist and leads customers to a specially created Christmas playlist with a QR code.

But if it’s about the pure text of the Christmas greetings, you can of course experiment with rhymes in addition to an original thematic reference. However: The rhymes or the poem form needs to be done skillfully, therefore a very good text feeling is here very important. In addition, you should consider for which customers and business partners the Christmas cards are intended. If your clientele is rather conservative, so should be the Christmas greetings. In general, as is so often the case, the target group determines the form and language.

Christmas greetings should strengthen the customer relationship

The greeting card at Christmas is an important element in customer communication. Especially for smaller companies. But even large corporations can strengthen customer relations with the right wishes at the end of the year. After all, who doesn’t like to receive a nice greeting at Christmas time? But to make it a success, you need a good instinct – and not just for the classic Christmas greeting. In a business context, the Christmas card is a way to look back over the year and the cooperation. Therefore, greetings are also an expression of gratitude for the business partnership – just like gifts for customers at Christmas. The wishes of the greeting cards should not only have a reference to Christmas, but also to the cooperation in the past year. Well-chosen words can once again encourage customers in their cooperation, compliment them and spread joy.

Christmas greetings: Christmas card succeeds with these 20 ideas

In the business context, the Christmas greetings ideas should already include a little longer text. As mentioned above, the Christmas greetings also help to thank you once again for your cooperation during the past year. A simple one-liner therefore seems a bit uncharitable and unconvincing. Therefore, we have focused on longer greetings and wishes for Christmas in the collected 24 ideas.

Christmas greetings ideas with thanks for good cooperation

At the end of the year, we thank you for the good cooperation. We wish you a merry Christmas and a successful start into the new year.


We would like to thank you for your cooperation and trust. May the new year hold the uplifting glow of many cheerful hours for you.


A successful year is slowly but surely coming to an end, and so it is time to say THANK YOU. Thank you for the good cooperation this year! Looking ahead to the next year, we are looking foward to a common future.


Keeping the approved and trying the new. In this we see the success of our cooperation so far, for which we would like to thank you. We wish you happy holidays and all the best in the new year!


Before we start the next busy year, we want to reflect a little at Christmas and spend precious time with our families. Take advantage of this time to relax, take a deep breath and be cheerful! With our best wishes for you, your family and your professional work in the coming year, we would like to express our thanks for the trust you have placed in us. We look forward to a continued pleasant cooperation!


Looking back on a successful business year, we would like to express our thanks for the pleasant cooperation. We wish you and your employees a Merry Christmas, relaxing holidays and a healthy and happy New Year!

Christmas greetings ideas in poem form or in rhyme

With Christmas greetings in poem form or in rhymes, it is not only the language that matters, but also the visual appearance. Therefore, make sure to arrange the verses visually to match the content.


Christmas. A wonderful time. A time for looking back. A time for the moment. A time for a look into the future. A time for a thank you.


Christmas Eve is now soon approaching, for the great cooperation we thank you. We wish you a wonderful and peaceful time and will be ready for you again next year.


Christmas greetings are on their journey. We thank our customers in this way.


Happy holidays and a happy new year! Many thanks for the trust, for the many beautiful experiences, for all the small and big joys in the past year.


For Christmas the best wishes for our customers as a thank you for the good cooperation in all the hours!

Christmas greetings ideas with sayings from famous personalities

For almost every occasion you can find at least one saying from a well-known personality that you can quote. However, it is important that you are sure of the source of the quote. Ideally, you should use appropriate collections of quotations from the (online) library. Otherwise, sayings from well-known personalities are always suitable to give depth to the Christmas greeting. However, the quote often also needs an additional personal greeting to make the Christmas card perfect. So combine, for example, quote and a Christmas greeting with thanks for the cooperation. Therefore, you can place the quote visually beautiful, for example, as an eye-catcher.


Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. (Henry Ford)


Enthusiasm is the never-failing impulse that makes us persevere in pursuing our goal. (Norman V. Peale)


You have to try the impossible to achieve the possible. (Hermann Hesse)


I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. (Charles Dickens)


It must come from the heart, what should work on hearts. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)


Christmas is not a season. It is a feeling. (Edna Ferber)

Funny Christmas greetings – a tightrope walk

Funny Christmas greetings are also an option for customer communication. However, they also harbor risks. Because not everyone has the same sense of humor. In addition, funny Christmas greetings should always fit the company and the clientele. In a rather conservative company with conservative clientele, funny Christmas greetings are therefore rather taboo. Still, we would like to give you here three funny Christmas greetings ideas along the way, which are a little more inoffensive.


Christmas time is family time! Let’s finally take care of what’s REALLY important – we’ll do business again next year! We wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!


Even though we love our work, we love celebrating at least as much! After twelve eventful and prosperous months, we are now looking forward to a reflective time full of Christmas magic, spent with people who are especially close to our hearts. You too can enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!


Take a deep breath, please! Sit back, close your eyes and think about the glow of lights, the scent of pine trees, festive tables, good wine, cozy company and shining children’s eyes. Christmas is just around the corner – enjoy the feast of festivities to the fullest!

Fancy Christmas Greetings Ideas

If it may be more creative and the Christmas greetings still fit the company and the business partner, then we have here a few ideas for fancy Christmas greetings that give your card or your Christmas letter aside from the text contour:

1. The Christmas playlist

We already mentioned it briefly at the beginning: Instead of a classic Christmas card or a Christmas letter, you can send your customers a little something special. Simply create a playlist together with your team – each employee can add one or two personal Christmas hits to the playlist, which you can easily create for free on Spotify. Generate a QR code for the Christmas playlist and print it on your Christmas greetings. The playlist is a nice alternative to a purely textual greeting and adds a personal touch.

2. A Christmas video

Do you and your team like to be creative? Then how about a Christmas video that you send to your customers? Analogous to the Spotify Christmas playlist, you and your team can also record a beautiful video with Christmas greetings and embed it as a QR code on a card or letter.

3. Cards from special material

But a Christmas card or letter can also be classically beautiful. If you want to offer your customers a little more sparkle in their Christmas greetings, you can use special materials, especially for cards. Especially sustainable materials and those that offer a nice feel (such as felt) are currently in vogue. When choosing materials for Christmas cards, make sure they match your corporate philosophy (e.g., if you publicly represent a sustainability concept) and are of course qualitative.

Conclusion: choose Christmas greetings ideas wisely

Christmas greetings are just like customer gifts at Christmas: They are an expression of gratitude and represent an important attention in the customer relationship. In the end, the Christmas greetings should therefore be chosen just as carefully as the actual gifts. By the way: We have put together some ideas for customer gifts at Christmas in a separate article.

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